Fun with blogs

I did something silly just for fun.

I followed an Instapundit lead, and went to the new John Edwards blog. While I was there, I noticed an invitation to submit my blog for the blogroll.

So, I did.

Hey, I'm always looking for more links. And, what do you want to bet he'll get a higher Ecosystem rating than I?

I received the message:
Your blog submission was successful, and will be reviewed by our online volunteers. Once they give your blog the green light, we will add you to the blogroll.
Green light! You didn't mention any green light! What's going on? I thought all I had to do was sign up!

I'm waiting now to be validated. What do you want to bet that they change that open invitation to add some restrictions?

Can I sue if they don't add me? I think I'm still a registered Democrat.

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