Damning with faint praise

Hard as it is to believe, MSNBC has acknowledged that Bush is gaining in the polls. But, wait - the MSM has managed to find a dark side to the good news.

Oh, dear. Now you know that the only groups that could possibly like "that dreadful man" would be, by imputation, equally dreadful
President Bush’s improved standing with whites, men, Catholics and other core supporters has been a key factor in pushing his job approval rating up to 42 percent. That’s the highest level since summer.
The fun part of the article comes when they state that one of the reasons for his slide in the polls was that
he was put on the defensive in September and October after the slow government response to Hurricane Katrina.
Well, at least they did mention that the problem with Hurricane Katrina was that "government" dawdled, instead of moving swiftly.

They don't, however, mention that the problem was LOCAL - and the perps were Democrats.

Oh, well, you can't have everything.

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