Just WHAT does a "crystal" stand for? Besides cowardice!

The International Red Cross has made a compromise suggestion to Israel:
After almost six decades of rejection, Israel saw the road cleared yesterday for its emergency and disaster relief organization to join the International Red Cross. The price of admission was relinquishing its symbol, the Red Star of David.

Instead, the Red Cross approved a new "neutral" symbol -- a Red Crystal, which Israel must adopt to become a member, possibly next spring. The Star of David may still be used at home, and on foreign missions it can be put inside the Crystal, provided the host country agrees.
From the Wall Street Journal, via Crossing the Rubicon2

That solution is absolutely unacceptable to me, and I would hope it would be to Israel.

Contrast the above with the one permitted the Islamic aid organizations.

I see no reason for Israel not to continue using the symbol below, without embellishment.

The only reason to exclude Israel is anti-Semitism. Who will be next? Will Christians be told that they cannot use the Red Cross? Out of "sensitivity", of course.

SOME PEOPLE need to get their sensitive little attitudes straightened out.


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Anonymous said…
easy, hitler.
Such wimpiness!

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