I just want him gone

My first thought, which I was going to title this post was "good riddance". I decided against that because I'm not going to stomp on his grave. He will be executed, and he will have justly earned it. But I'm going to take the high road. I won't demean him - he, himself, has done that for me.

Really, what was this about? A murderer who had redeemed his horrible life through the wonder of artistic endeavors? Hardly. His books aren't changing many lives - the top seller sold 330 books. Heck, failed poets do that well.

I'm not surprised that he lost his clemency bid. The "how could you execute this artiste" dodge went out the last time, when Norman Mailer helped Jack Abbott, author of "In the Belly of the Beast", get sprung. He followed his release with a fatal stabbing of an unlucky waiter.

Folks, just because a person can express themselves doesn't make them a good person. Nor does it excuse heinous acts.

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