What to do, What to do?

From CNN:
Monday night in Toulouse, young people ordered passengers off a bus and then set it ablaze.

Local officials said the city elected not to impose restrictions on the movement of young people there as it was authorized to do by the government Tuesday after nightly rioting raged in several cities across the country for nearly two weeks.
Well, I'm so GLAD that the French didn't decide to seem, er, what's the word, DRACONIAN, yeah, that's it - draconian about their crackdown. After, the law-abiding citizens are only having their cars set ablaze. The public transport is assaulted regularly. And the people responsible for keeping the peace are afraid to use force.

They oughta try hiring the "insurgent youths" - they seem to have no qualms about using force.

But, hey, good news - there were only 3/7ths as many cars flambe as on Saturday, before the violence petered out. Well, not exactly petered out - that's still 600 cars providing their contribution to the City of Lights.

Never fear, the French have found a new villain
Some of the rioting had been organized through Internet blogs that have now been shut down, de Villepin said.
Alas, the dreaded blogs! Without them, France would be such a peaceful, if condescending city.

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