I'm shocked, shocked!

It seems that France is uneasy about the aftermath of the recent riots (NOTE: Officially, the riots are over. Unofficially, about 80-100 cars are torched a day. That's what the French call "back to normal". I'm just saying, 'ya know.)

From Fox News, an update on the French "insurrection"
Lucienne Bui Trong, former chief of France's urban violence intelligence unit, said anti-Western sentiment has been growing — and that the atmosphere created by the riots provides fertile ground for terrorism.

Bui Trong said there is a familiar pattern of young people starting off in petty crime and drugs, then turning as adults to an extreme form of Islam.

"We have seen a ... rise for several years of animosity directed at France," she said.

Bui Trong warned of a dangerous cocktail in poor neighborhoods. The growing insularity of immigrant communities, resentment against society and the opportunity for recruitment by Islamists have created, "an ideal terrain for terrorism," she said.

Experts say the terror threat remains strong even though France opposed the war in Iraq, because anger among Islamists here is directed at Western society and many Muslims were deeply offended by France's ban on head scarves in public schools.

The Islamists, said Bui Trong, "work on minds unyieldingly in the direction of demonizing Western society."
The French are uneasy, because they believe that there are 2 possible outcomes:
"We have an environment that can swing into jihadism or stay within delinquency."
Hey, Pierre, who says that the two are mutually exlcusive?

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