Because, you know, all old folks have is the right to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

If you have any doubt that the ONLY purpose of a "living will" is to give permission for your soon-to-be next of kin to terminate your life without guilt, Bill Clinton should set that straight:
The impeached president mentioned the case of Terri Schiavo, the brain-injured Florida woman who was starved to death by court order after a long legal battle between her parents and her husband, Michael.

"We spend far more money on the last two months of life than any other country," Clinton noted. "And I think the only answer to that and maybe the good thing that came out of the terrible agony of the Schiavo family that we were all treated to for weeks is that amazing numbers of Americans including Hillary and me ... did living wills. We'd been wanting to do it a long time. We just kept puttin' it off and puttin' it off, and I saw that [tragedy] unfold and I said 'You know, I don't want to see Chelsea on television like that. Let's do the living will.'"
I will say that I appreciate the WorldNetDaily being one of the few papers to straightforwardly remind you that this "ex-president" was, in fact, impeached.

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember how it felt that day, when the vote was being taken. I remember my husband and children watching, and taking it as a victory when the Senate acquitted. I don't remember being especially elated when the verdict hit the news, but that may be hindsight.

It's funny how things change. Once you've "crossed the Tiber", you can't return. It's not possible to go back and blend seamlessly into your former life. Your perceptions have changed. Your thinking is out of sync with your former comrades. You wander aimlessly around in foreign land, and you no longer seem to speak the language. You have become an alien.

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