Guess how many articles the Cleveland Plain Dealer had about the Imam Damra being arrested, and sent to Detroit, in preparation for his deportation?

One. That's right. One.

Somehow, it isn't news when the head of one of the largest mosques in the Midwest is arrested? And will, bearing unforseen events, be deported?

And, what does the PeeDee have to say about him?

Such a nice boy, can't imagine why the Gestapo ICE want to kick him out.

Just kidding. What they really said:
The case shocked many throughout Greater Cleveland, who viewed Damra as an example of moderate, mainstream Islam.

He was often seen with local politicians and leaders of other faiths until his past came to light.
Lest you think that the Imam is just another persecuted Mideastern saint-in-the-making, here's some information that the PeeDee didn't mention:
In Damra's trial last year, prosecutors showed video footage of Damra and other Islamic leaders raising money for an arm of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which has been listed as a major terrorist group by the State Department since 1989.

Jurors also were shown footage in which Damra called Jews "the sons of monkeys and pigs" during a 1991 speech and said "terrorism and terrorism alone is the path to liberation" in a 1989 speech.
Courtesy of Breit Bart

Between the original arrest and now, some of the public may have forgotten the offense for which he was tried. He raised money for terrorists, people. He didn't just spit on the sidewalk. The outrageous insults to Jews was just the icing on the repugnant cake. Which, being, well, Jewish, they fell over themselves to forgive him for.

The putzes!

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