Last-minute efforts to save "Tookie" from death are gearing up.

The founder of the Crips gang is set to die on December 13th, by lethal injection. If we are to believe Bianca Jagger, he's but a poor lad, cruelly framed by a system out to get Black men:
illiams is an African-American man railroaded by a prejudiced judicial system because he couldn't afford better lawyers, said Jagger, the first wife of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

Potential black jurors were kept off the jury that convicted Williams, Jagger said.
Really? And, of course, it's a totally credible claim, given that nobody would lie or exaggerate to a reporter.

He's had his trial. And appeals. And his thoughtful consideration of the issues. He'll even get a clemency hearing on December 8th with the Governator.

Much has been written about Tookie's writing of childrens' books. How this gentle act has redeemed him. Lest you start getting misty about the sweet thought of the little kiddies, let me tell you about just two of the books, in words from his own web site:

Gangs and Drugs
Gangs often deal drugs and abuse them. Little kids get involved early. Tookie gives an encouraging and helpful message that goes beyond "Just say no."

Gangs and Violence
Too many kids don't realize how destructive gangs are until it's too late. This book gives the very realistic picture needed.

Well, it's nice that Tookie warns kids about the dangers of gangs, considering that he had no scruples about putting them in danger when he led the Crips. I'm not impressed by jailhouse conversions. Even when "it's for the kids".

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