The New Guy

I wanted to point out a new guy on the Blogroll - The Liberal Wrong - Wing. I found him when he emailed me; I checked him out, and I thought he deserved a slot.

Now, before I become swamped (was going to write unindated, but I wasn't sure of the spelling) with requests to add your blog, let me clarify:
  • I normally find the blogs on the blogroll by myself
  • I HATE spammers that have blogs unrelated to my interest, but send me stuff - don't bother, I'll just block you from commenting or emailing. If I REALLY get ticked off, I'll sign you up for spam myself. I've never done that, but don't get me that steamed.
  • I like to put quirky blogs on the list - but they should be posting about politics, culture, or Catholicism. Need I add, that the politics I'm interested in are generally more conservative?
  • If yours fits those categories, don't be shy. Send me a short email with the link, and I'll check it out. Don't expect an immediate reply - this is a labor of love, not money.
  • Don't bother unless you have some posts to look at. Wait until you have a few dozen, then send the link.
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Kevin W. said…
Thanks for the blogroll and the haloscan/trackback help!

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