One of my favorites, Ace of Spades, is creating a Blog Family Tree. I added my history to the mix, not because my blog is that significant, but because I wanted to honor my Blogmother, Maripat, who invited me to co-blog on Right We Are! (now defunct - go to the WayBack Machine, and enter
to see what it looked like).

I'd never considered starting a blog, I just read others. But, when she solicited a second helper, I immediately responded - to my surprise, she accepted. Alas, she shut down the site several months later - personal life interfered with keeping it up. But her generousity led to an interesting experience, and, eventually, to starting my own blog.

I just checked - my 2 year anniversary is coming up on November 13. I noticed that I've posted over 300 times in that period. That, roughly, works out to 3-4 1-2 times a week for 2 years. I didn't realize that I had that much to say.

(When reading those numbers above, I realized my mistake. Obviously, it's a day of rest for my brain.)

Blogging has slipped into being just one of those things that I do. I have no intention of slowing down. In fact, I'm planning on setting up a regular schedule of posting (probably still 3-4 times during the week, with more posts on the weekends).

Initially, I tried to be like the other blogs - very authoritative and referenced. I've gradually realized that I'm special (in the good sense). I just look around, and write about what I see. It generally comes from my perspective - female, married, with children and grandchildren. Teacher, Catholic, Nerd. Still a registered Democrat - never bothered to change the party.

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