Funny stuff about baseball

When I was reading this, I laughed out loud, which is a strange thing to do when you live alone. Well, actually, it's not a big deal unless you see it in a movie or on TV, where there the action is used to establish that the person is a whackjob.

Which, of course, I'm not.

What made me laugh:
2. Bat: The bat is the piece of wood with which a batter tries to hit the ball. The bat is usually hewn from Canadian maple or Kentucky ash and should be a solid piece of wood and should not be hollowed out to contain tennis balls, cork, metal, or any other foreign substance that gives the batter an unfair advantage over the pitcher...okay, I can hear you snickering out there, knock it off.

3. Batter: A man who makes what I make in a year for the amount of time it takes him to adjust his jockstrap, and that's without him trying to hit a ball. If he manages to do this three times out of every ten times attempted, he is a good hitter. This may work in baseball, but if the doctor your best friend recommends has a similar average vis-a-vis the survivability of his patients, you may want to get a second opinion about that growth on your left leg.

The rest is just as funny.

Is it too late to say "Wait until next year"?

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