I might as well get into trouble for my thoughts on the subject. Reparations, that is.

I'm against them.

I think the efforts focusing on reparations are intended to distract minorities from the fact that virtually all of the "leaders" are VERY comfortably off financially, NOT living in "the hood", and not putting their kids in the public schools they want others to use.

In other words, I'm with you, bro', but not actually WITH you.

Rather than actually deal with the problems of ordinary Black people, the elite want to FEEL like revolutionaries.

Yippee-Ki-Yay! has a post about the NAACP's targeting businesses to give - well, not actually GIVE, since that implies they had a choice in the matter. It's more like a mugging.
The NAACP will target private companies as part of its economic agenda, seeking reparations from corporations with historical ties to slavery and boycotting companies that refuse to participate in its annual business diversity report card.

Apparently, not knowing your company's personal history is no excuse:
Wachovia Corp. was accused by a Chicago alderman of lying last month when it submitted its statement in January stating it had no knowledge of any involvement with slavery. The Charlotte, N.C.-based company later apologized and indicated that it would create an education fund or contribute money toward black history education.

All the fuss makes sense, because white people have always shown their intense desire to give money to Black people. I keep hearing the talk at get-togethers "Man, I really want to give my hard-earned cash to Black people. But how? I wish someone would show me the way. I'd rather put my money to good use like that, than send my kid to a good school or pay the doctor bills." They just need the NAACP to show them the right way to do it. Right?


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