I've been noticing more spotty updating on blogs lately. That's likely due to:
  • summer vacations
  • too much work
  • weather has actually lured some of us away from the keyboard
  • family committments
  • lack of anything to say
  • general malaise

Several blogs have announced shutdowns or sabbaticals in the last month. I think, in part, that's due to needing some down time, but ignoring it.

Guys, for most of us, this is a volunteer, unpaid (or badly paid) activity. When the work of maintaining a blog against spam, hackers, trolls, and the like becomes too time-consuming, many of us look at the situation, and bail. I can't honestly blame them.

I'm lucky. Although I sometimes go over-the-top, and irritate someone into responding, generally I receive polite comments. Most simply point out errors of fact or ill-reasoned opinion. I get just enough feedback that I feel "special" and loved, without getting bogged down into an endless cycle of troll-banning and comment-deleting.

In short, I love what I do. So, I'm unlikely to quit.

You're stuck with me.


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