Friday, May 06, 2005


It's been a long time since I started laughing out loud at a post - but once I started:
Yesterday in New York, somebody filled two toy grenades with gunpoweder and set them off in a concrete plantholder outside the building housing the British Consulate.

Toy grenades?

What's next? Setting a Barbie doll on fire on the White House lawn? Lighting one of those "snake" things on the floor of the UN? Frying an ant with a magnifying glass in Times Square?

The post continues, with reaction from Blair, QEII, and Bush.

Go to In My Arrogant Opinion (IMAO) - this is a classic post. Guaranteed funny!

He's also hosting the Carnival of Comedy.

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Max said...

Good post! Love the blog... I'm going to check it more often!