I was looking for a way to avoid housework killing time at home trying to decide whether to donate some books, and I found an old copy of "Growing Up Catholic". On page 21, there is a list of Saints and a matching column of their special interests. Guess who Saint Hilary is matched with?

Protection against snakes - are those Right-Wing Conspiracy snakes?

I checked - Catholic Forum also has St. Hilary (of Poitiers, it happens - there are several Hilaries).

St. Drausinus is one who the paranoid (or Hilary) might well adopt - he protects against enemy plots. I can't vouch for his effectiveness, however, as St. Thomas Becket was said to have visited his tomb just before returning to be murdered in the Cathedral.

Bill, on the other hand, might want to acquaint himself with the list, which includes:
  • Felix of Nola Against perjury (not sure whether it works if you're the one bearing false witness)
  • St. John Nepomucene Against indiscretions (that should be helpful)
  • St. Bernadine of Siena Against hoarseness - Bill seems to regularly suffer from that. Bill would also find his life interesting, as Bernadine
    argued that the catalyst of civil discord in the urban setting was malicious gossip, which led to insults, and, too often, vendetta by aggressive males. His surprising allies in his peacekeeping mission were the women who comprised the majority of his audience.
    Yes, indeed, a surprising similarity.
  • Mary Magdalen Against sexual temptation - 'nuff said

Bloggers might want to look to the Patron Saints of Writers:

Click on the Title field for more saints, and further information about their lives.


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