I have a daughter who loves ER. She will watch the re-runs on cable whenever she can. I've watched with her several times, but the show just doesn't interest me. For her, it's a diversion. For me, ER is where I have spent WAY TOO MUCH time over the last decade.

This last trip, this weekend, left me in the CDU (Critical Decision Unit). That's like an extended tour of ER, basically 24 hours of intervention and observation, designed to see whether you will respond to agressive treatment, or whether you will have to be admitted. I haven't had to spend time in CDU for several years, but my asthma condition was completed by bronchitis late last week, and I was breathless most of Saturday. In the afternoon, I finally gave in, and made the trip. I packed work to do, and, when it became clear that I would be in overnight, called my daughter to bring the laptop.

The laptop wasn't totally useful - I recently installed a new hard drive, and my grading files weren't available - they're at school. However, I had access to a word processor and Spider Solitaire, so the time spent wasn't totally wasted.

Later that Sunday, my son-in-law re-installed the network on the laptop. Bless him.


jon said…
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