I can't believe that this year's anniversary snuck up on me.

Oh, I had excuses. The kitchen sink was inoperable for over 4 days (thank God for a handy husband, or it would still be non-functional). I sprained my ankle, and am hobbling around on crutches. And I had Open House this week, and didn't get home until 9:30 pm on Thursday.

But that's no excuse.

Around the blogosphere, memorials will be everywhere. On the blogs I frequent, some pay the price through their military service. And, although my daughter is still in the National Guard, she will be discharged in January, just a few months before the birth of her second child. My son is no longer serving, and my dear son-in-law is discharged for over 2 years (for an injury sustained during his service).

I respect the work that the American military do. They keep the barbarians from wrecking their dreadful havoc on American civilians. And they do it without the gratitude of the American population, at least the liberal and vocal contingent.

I llive in an area of the city heavily populated by members of the fire and police departments. I have no doubt that, given the need, they would respond as readily as the member of the NYFD and NYPD did on that terrible day.

One good thing has come out of that tragedy. A significant percentage of the American people have faced a turning point. And many of them have made the choice that I have.

Although a life-long registered Democrat (I even voted for McGovern), I will vote for Bush and Cheney this November. There are quite a few of us. We are being counted in the Democratic column, as we have always voted in unison with our party leadership.

Not this November. And, perhaps, never again.


Eloquent, very eloquent. I understand fully. Thank you for everyone in your family supporting this nation. All of you are true heroes and patriots.

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