I returned to work this morning, a little shaky, but able to work a full day. My stomach took a beating, between the steroids for the asthma, and the antibiotics for the bronchitis. I'm gobbling down antiacids, and it seems to help.

The news about the election just keeps getting better and better. Despite the overwhelming proponderance of Kerry/Edwards signs in the West Park/Lakewood neighborhoods, the polls indicate that Bush is considerably up, and seems likely to win. Boy, won't that fry the neighbors!

Actually, since I'm outnumbered in my house by the Kerry supporters, I have a Kerry/Edwards sign on my lawn. The funny thing is, if you counted registered voters, the split would be 50-50. I've several times gotten voter registration forms, but the kids haven't sent them in. Knuckleheads!

I can't take the privilege of voting lightly. I grew up with friends from countries where the franchise was either restricted, or the selection was limited to the official party in power. I have missed only one election (a local one) in my life, when the weather was very bad, I had a young child and no sitter, and I was 8 months pregnant.

I have been steadfast in refusing to answer pollsters' questions. I don't think their desire to know my political opinions outweighs my desire to keep my business to myself. In short, it's "none'ya" business, as the kids say.


jon said…
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