I watched the debates, and, in general, wasn't surprised by much. Kerry looked good, Bush didn't; big surprise - Botox, manicures, and ManTan did their job. I don't know who was responsible for timing the reaction shots - Bush always had a pained, WTF look on his face. Kerry looked calm and smiling, no matter what. I figure that Kerry had excellent advice from his coaches, who said "No matter what is said, smile. The people are idiots, they'll conclude that Bush never laid a glove on you if you do that".

But, that said, Bush did look, and act, very tired. I don't know what's going on, but he clearly has something monumental on his mind. Wouldn't be surprised to hear that some family member has a medical challenge at the moment.

My advice to his staff - cut back the traveling, appearances, and get the guy some quality R & R time.

I'm looking forward to the next debate, partly because it's in Cleveland, and that's my town. Also, because I really would like to see Cheney go into attack mode on the Pretty One.

This last week, the Republicans got busy in West Park and Lakewood, and started posting signs. Before that, it was a long stretch of ride to work, with only Kerry/Edwards signs on the way.


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