Zuckerberg for President?!

This is wrong, in so many ways, that I can only BEGIN to list them (Boldface are direct quotes from the article):

  1. He’ll be able to play the political outsider card harder and heavier than Trump.
    1. Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
    2. A political outsider, by definition, is one whose only connection with politicians is to lobby to make his job easier. Or, vote.
      1. Zuckerberg is a HEAVY contributor PACs affiliated with Democrats.
      2. He is pretty even-handed in contributing to politicians, but he has vocally endorsed mostly Democrats.
    3. His main business, Facebook, has been manipulated by Leftists to skew the socialization to the Left.
  2. Zuckerberg doesn’t need a dime of anyone else’s money.
    1. According to the author, he can ignore the donor class. From what I've seen of rich guys running for President, they NEVER use their own money when other people can be tapped for cash.
    2. Whether or not he hustles the big-money donors doesn't matter - his interests are identical to theirs.
  3. Zuckerberg is the most effective tech CEO in America.
    1. I'm not so sure. He spent a LOT of OPM (Other People's Money), and only in the last few years has the COMPANY been all that profitable.
    2. He has benefited from the willingness of people and other companies to work with him. Long-term, that will only work if THEY get more out of the relationship.
    3. What makes him most effective is what I think will concern the voters - he has intrusive data on a sizable portion of the American public. I think the privacy concerns will make this into a major issue.
  4. He understands the media ecosystem. Hell, at this point, he basically owns the media ecosystem.
    1. To OWN a dying ecosystem is not that terrific an accomplishment. Hollywood just had its worst summer box office in years. Broadcast TV is losing out to food shows, guys in trucks in wilderness areas, and other media. The newspapers and magazines are DEAD already - NYT, Newsweek, Time - ALL are zombies. If it weren't for school subscriptions, they would have already turned their toes up.
    2. I'm not so sure that he understands the disruptive effects of independent media producers. I don't think that the scope of the independent media has been tapped, even at the most basic level. For Zuckerberg, the arrogance of his attempt to steamroller independence and monopolize the media market lead me to say - "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Be afraid, Mark - be VERY afraid.
  5.  Zuckerberg’s a family man—with a family that is the Modern Family to his opponent’s Real Housewives.
    1. Is this writer clueless, or what?
    2. I certainly didn't vote for Trump because he embodied all of my social values. Most of his outrageous behavior, however, came during that period when he was having a midlife crisis, in full view of a very gossipy public. He's tamed down to his normal behavior - still occasionally over-the-top, but not more than most of us have seen in other celebrities.
  6. He will reject all the tropes, traps, and talking points that have led Democrats into trouble. (In other words, adios Nancy Pelosi!)
    1. Oh, Honey! I think you overestimate the smarts of a 1st-time Presidential candidate, fresh from successes in other fields. He's gonna overrule his advisors, let his inner thoughts out, and respond to press (not always friendly and inclined to overlook gauchery) as though they were employees.
    2. He's already on board with SSM (Same-Sex Marriage), Transphilia, and censorship. He is directly opposed to a sizable percentage of the voting public, and they will NOT believe him if he tries to soft-pedal his opinions.
  7. Kamala who?
    1. Never underestimate the ferocity of feminist women who sense another opportunity slipping out of their hands - they will go into the KILL mode if another White Male is nominated.
    2. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden - The Bernie Bros will NOT abandon their guy, unless he is convicted (and maybe not even then). Liz is a joke, but one that is bland and appealing to the 'We Wanted Hill" crowd. Joe - I'm not willing to bet against another White Male Democrat with a - HANDS-ON approach to the voters, lots of baggage, and a snide viciousness when challenged.
    3. Cory Booker - another Black guy about whom too little is known, whose politics are burnished with "Amaze-Glow!" - that product that allows Democrats to be dumbfounded by the reality of a Black Guy who is - what was that phrase? - "sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a story-book, man"
    4. Also-Rans - Deval Patrick, Martin O'Malley - come on, they are SO last-campaign!
Lots more blah-blah bull$hit back at the link. That person HAD to have been paid by the Pre-Campaign Campaign organization.


Anonymous said…
On #7, there's always Barry's personal boy: Patrick Duval, EH.

* Empty Head

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