Springtime for ------

This is the proper response to people parading around with Nazi symbols. Not screaming. Not violence.


(It's VERY hard to find a clip of the part where the silly Hitler is shown. Springtime for Hitler, easy. The clip where the audience finds the Hitler character funny - not).

The over-the-top, hysterical response to a handful of pseudo-Nazis (in the link, they are referred to - I think fairly - as Nazi LARPers - Live Action Role Players) is ridiculous.

Yes, I said Ridiculous. The Nazi Party, and their leader, have been so demonized that they cannot, will not, gain a foothold in our lifetime. Just about every civilized person in the Western World recoils in disgust at the thought of encountering one (well, except for most of the Middle East - the Arab World - who both supported Hitler and also sell the most copies of Mein Kamp every day). So, to sob hysterically at the THOUGHT of them is - Ridiculous.

Worthy of Ridicule.



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