Tats, Again

I've made no secret about my general dislike of tats. They're expensive (which is a concern mostly because most of the people getting them are not over-flush with cash), potentially health-threatening, and, to many other than the possessor - ugly.


They may not be compatible with many jobs, even today, when so many people visibly have them.
In a recent study in which participants were asked to rate the employment suitability of people with and without tattoos based on photographs, the findings revealed that there is “still bias toward tattoos in the workplace,” says Michael J. Tews, an associate professor in the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State University, who conducted the research.
Tews also found a correlation between those with a higher number of tattoos and counterproductive behavior at work, such as tardiness, being argumentative and theft, so “there may be a grain of truth to the deviant stereotype,” says Tews.
Imagine that! A stereotype might be based, in part, on experiences with those possessing that trait.



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