Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Not-So Civil War

It's about fanaticism. About not just disagreeing with someone, and talking to them, in an effort to understand their thinking, and - perhaps - change their mind on issues.

It's about demonization. When your opponents are not merely wrong, but the Essence of Evil.

The South had one thing right - there was nothing civil about The Civil War. It was a War Between the States.

If this continues, it will become a War Between the Cities and Not-Cities (suburbs, rural areas, and small towns).

The Declination has an old post addressing this, from January, 2016. Such a long time ago.

How might we survive, both individually and as a nation? Hunker down, pay off debt, and detach yourself as much as you can from dependency.

Failing that, try to diversify your income sources - yes, that means part-time work, freelance work, and under-the-table work/bartering.

If the powerful can control whether or not you have access to money/income/daily needs, they own you. The peasant, who does NOT control his income, is most at risk.

Don't be a peasant.
Debt is their weapon. Serfs were tied to the land, forced to work for their masters and give up the fruits of their harvests. They were in bondage. If you have debt, you are also in bondage. You are also a serf. The only difference is that you consented to become a serf. This is intentional. They are resurrecting serfdom and using debt to do it. At some point this may become involuntary, but for now it is still an opt-in process. Don’t turn on the TV and become enamored with beautiful cars. HGTV is bullshit; you don’t need granite countertops and hand-scraped wood floors. Certainly, you don’t need 5000 square feet of McMansion for a family of three. If you buy these things with debt, by assured that your descendants will till the land as slaves.
More on why you should avoid debt.

And, while I'm at it, I need to warn you - choose your friends carefully. At the end of the movie Sneakers, the antagonist says to Redford's character, "I cannot kill my friend."

Redford's team is relieved.

Then the villain says, "Kill my friend."

Make, and keep, ONLY those friends who are stand-up. A lukewarm 'friend' is not only worthless, but actually dangerous.

Those who support - or, at least, allow - the social media sites to censor right-of-center opinion, deserve the narrow world they are making.

So, how should Conservatives and other Outlaws battle the SJWs?

Think like a pirate - swoop in, hack away, take away the prize, and leave quickly.

When you see something that needs to be commented on, spread the word (you can comment on a popular blog, and ask for re-Tweets and Likes). Make your pithy point. Jab away the trolls - take screen shots for future attacks. Nothing embarrasses them more than having their own stupid words given wide publicity.

Then, leave quickly. Each time, have a different Pirate lead the way, followed by the rest of the scurvy crew.


Another part of this plan would be to use the Dark Web - set up our Outlaw organization on that, and dart from the Shadows for these strategic forays.

LATE UPDATE: Wired seems to see this situation as a bad thing. I see it as a positive good - a way that Americans can use these temp jobs as a way to re-start their lives.


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