Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Disengaging From Media

Am I a Luddite? Am I suggesting a move to Amish country (which is beautiful, although unbelievably pungent with animal smells)?


I'm suggesting that we detach from media amusements. Jettison the cable, detach from watching the news (try reading the print edition online - it's faster, and you can skip the boring parts).

Although I do actually like Lebron James, I do not look to him to provide me with moral guidance. His comments about Trump are fair - both of them are entitled to their opinions, which are, for the most part, derived from their very different experiences and relationships.

I just don't like injecting political stances into a game. So, I've made a decision not to watch - not that I did much.

That Kneeling Thing - it started, I believe, because sitting was seen for what it was - blatant disrespect.

The Kneeling Thing is an attempt to use the religious-associated stance to deflect criticism. For that reason, I reject it - it's a hijacking of religious imagery for secular benefit.

Not acceptable. Unless you're her.

Not her.

I'm really hoping - praying - that MLB doesn't get all on the bandwagon of Signaling Virtue. I'd hate to have to turn off the tube on the Cleveland Indians.

Go Tribe!


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