Missed a Day - Sorry

I've been trying to hold to a schedule with this blog - every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there would be a new post. If a topic is especially timely, I might add to that schedule, but, even so, I've been working for almost 3 months to keep on track.

Last Wednesday, I blew it. I have been organizing and cleaning my house, and just plain forgot. Rather than try to write a make-up post, I'm just going to get back to the schedule with this Friday post.

I've been looking for some blogs that are fresher - a lot of the bloggers I follow are being harassed, threatened, overwhelmed with life/family/work issues, and - just plain tired. So, below are some new blogs that I've been looking at:
  • Another blogger gets dumped by her hosting service - for no reason that she can determine, but the ever-popular excuse TOS - violation of the Terms of Service. She managed, with the help of friends, to get the site back up at another host, but, she makes a good case for using an off-shore entity that cannot be bullied by SJWs. 
    • For those that care about these things, Ann is a Catholic.
  • Adrienne (another Catholic!) does a very thorough take-down on the woman who shamed Melania for her shoes. Please, DO go all the way down on this - there are pictures you will NOT believe!
  • Some terrific cartoons here.

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