Rule of Law?

Eh, it depends on who is talking about it, and who is 'violating' it.

Lots of questions - does anyone reading this have any answers? Some would say that the fulmination over statues, flags, religion and other unifying traditions is NOT an organic outrage, but a deliberate, politicized, and targeted series of actions aimed at destroying America's sense of itself as a nation. We are deliberately being driven to a Balkanized collection of suspicious, antagonistic, and tribal entities, in order to pave the way for takeover.

BTW, I strongly object to the use of a fake-reverent position, designed to deflect criticism of their actions, which are meant to convey a political viewpoint that many, if not most, of the viewing audience does not agree with. I think that, should the Browns players continue this action, Browns fans should work together to pick a Browns Boycott Day (BBD), preferably chosen to be a day that would normally be a VERY high attendance day.

How about choosing either one of these day for the Boycott?

Steelers game - Sept. 10

Ravens game - Sept. 17

Here's my idea:

  • No tailgating
  • No buying tickets (if you are a season ticket holder, have a sign/fabric flag indicating your disapproval of the players' actions - show up, and reverse-demonstrate)
  • Make and distribute patches for BBD, encourage former fans to put them on Browns clothing
  • At sports bars - go in, verify that the Browns game is on, hand them a BBD card/flyer, and leave without buying anything
  • At home, watch another channel - this should be organized, so that the ratings for that channel SOAR
  • Or, use either Prime or Netflix to select a movie - again, I think we should try to watch the same 3-4 choices - the bump in watching will be quantified, and can reasonably be matched up to the numbers in BBD



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