Yeah, I Tend to Agree With This

You may have noticed fewer politically-oriented posts here over the last few months. That's because:

  • I've been really busy with my paperwork related to my retirement - Social Security, Pension, Medicaid.
  • I've been using the Scheduling Function of Blogger more often. Particularly when I'm busy, and my time online will not be predictable, it's been a blessing. Naturally, more time-sensitive posts - like most of those relating to politics - don't work well with that function.
  • I'm trying to block out time for my novel revision.
  • I'm focusing more on the novel, which is not overtly political, and the news on politics is distracting.
  • I've lost that sense of - OMZ, what fresh Hell will that Leftist come up with now? True, Trump shoots his mouth off, and his Tweets can be off-the-cuff and over-the-top, but, it's still better than what preceded it.
  • I have, finally, some confidence in the management of our nation's government, that it will generally act in reasonable ways, and in the average citizen's best interests.
  • President Trump is not afraid to use muscle back at posturing nations. He does not convey the message, "Please, just don't HURT me! I'll do anything you want, just PROMISE me that you won't hurt me!" It seems to make them both more accommodating, and more will to stop that saber-rattling. Well, except for NK - but their leader is bat-shit crazy.



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