Let the Participant Beware!

I'm not a big fan of Revenge Porn. That's the practice of posting video of former lovers online out of a mean-spirited Gotcha! when they leave/hurt you.

It's one of those things that some women - or, women-ish people - would do. Think Mean Girls in the Grown-up World. Well, sort of Grown-up.

If the video was taken without consent, that should settle the issue - the one that knew about the video CANNOT post it, and, if he/she does, may not only go to jail for some extended time - HARD TIME - but stands to lose ALL his/her money/possessions. Plus, must pay that person compensation even after leaving jail.

As well as being branded a sexual predator - which, I think, is an accurate description.

If the video was consensual, that's different. The fact that you were a dumba$$ to agree to it wipes out the victimization.

IF the victim was 16 or older, and the other person was within two years of that age, at the time of filming, AND it was consensual - again, tough luck. You should have been smarter.

That over-15 at the time person would have the right to yank it from public distribution, and sue any company putting it up. However, saying that is like saying you have the right to take a beanbag chair that has been opened up in the wind, and then track down each piece and bag it again.

Good luck with that.

There was a time when sex was a private activity. When the average person wouldn't even THINK of engaging in sex on camera, even with a trusted lover/spouse.

It does seem to me that the people who want to sue for these releases of sexual activity really have only themselves to blame. They are, in fact, the ones that engaged in the aforementioned activity. Freely, of their own volition.

Later, when they are embarrassed about that video leaking out, they seem to want to state, "I'm NOT that kind of girl."

When, clearly, they were.



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