The Philosophical Basis of Progressivism

Once again, the ZMan has dissected some facet of modern life that has been puzzling me, and, I'll bet, you, as well (how's that for correct, and complicated, use of commas?). My bolding below:
"One of the themes here is that the American Left is a different thing from the European Left in that it was not born out of the French Revolution. It was born out of the English Civil War and the religious radicalism of the prior century. American Progressives are the spiritual children of the Puritans and Public Protestantism. Their primary motivation is communal salvation. To that end, their focus is on rooting out sin and naming the sinner, rather than the material egalitarianism we associate with the European Left."
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This is nonsense. It's a forced conflation of two wildly disparate communities, with two widely divergent conceptions of what constitutes the good, that utterly ignores every salient fact about either in favor of a pseudo-psychological evaluation against which progressives would rail furiously, while the Puritans are unavailable to defend themselves.

ZMan is just one more BS artist.

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