WHY Was Trump's Election Such a Surprise?

Why, you would think that this just came up out of nowhere!

Up until he appeared on the scene, everything was hunky-dory, and the Feeble-Minded Masses were just complacent little cud-chewing bovines, happy to be cared for by their Benevolent Overlords (Trademark applied for).

Until the Big, Bad Orange Man stomped onto the stage, with his over-the-top, bombastic noises, the Little People were content. And, then, inexplicably, they weren't.


The always-amazing Sarah Hoyt, at According to Hoyt, explains why that meme is absolute hooey (I always wanted to have a reason to write that word).

For those who are somewhat befuddled by the Trumpocalypse, here it is in a nutshell:
We'uns who are the average guys, the ones who work for a living (or, did until the Obama Economy rolled over us), are tired of being openly disrespected by the Elite who live off of us.
Because we were bullied into silence, under threat of our jobs being taken away from us, we did not openly tell you of our planned vote. Yes, PLANNED. It was not a last-minute, impulsive choice for most of us. We held our mouth shut (as the Elite thought we should), and fought back in the only way we were left with.
We voted out Leftists, Hangers-on, Sneering 'Betters', Supercilious Elites, Authoritarian Bureaucrats, and all of those who made out - BIG TIME - by the rules they forced on the rest of us.
Just one small example: the electric car rebate. It was taken from those driving those bad old, inefficient, gas-guzzling, polluting cars, that were all we could afford to drive, to be given to the Elite, Smug Liberals who could drop an un-Godly amount of money on an ostentatious hunk of Virtue Signaling metal and plastic.


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