REALLY Important - Please Read

This is one of the most important, and persuasive, posts I've read in more than a year.

It makes the strategy clear, and gives you something to talk about with the soft voters. Perhaps they will come to understand WHY they should back off from this tactic, pronto.

The future of our country depends on our swearing off use of this tactic against average citizens. Otherwise, I fear that we will polarize to the level needed to foment a Civil War.


I don't believe that you are deliberately trying to insult, belittle, and harass those who disagree with you. You feel VERY strongly about these issues. You feel an urgency to make your points as quickly and and forcefully as you can.

Therefore, you forward messages from Occupy Democrat, the many activist groups, and those of your friends who've found persuasive and eye-catching ways to make those points.

What is the result?

Those of us who are not Progressive (Old-style Liberals, Conservatives, Reactionaries, Libertarians, and just not that involved voters) feel:

  • Personally attacked as a HORRIBLE person, not just someone who holds a different opinion
  • That those doing the posting believe use to be DESERVING of all the abuse that can be hurled at us - threats to our jobs and businesses, retaliation online, attacks on our family, threats to injure or kill us - yes, some have faced ALL of these, due to online abuse
  • Hitler (no, we aren't - not even figuratively, let alone literally - please learn the difference, mkay?)
We see these postings, and have to wonder - does that person doing the Share really think:
  • That those opposing their political/social agenda want to KILL them?
  • That the ONLY reason anyone could possibly have for opposition is that the person HATES them?
  • That YOUR strong feelings about government's role in changing people's lives mandates that OTHER people be taxed to pay for it?
  • That there is NO difference between a citizen, a legal resident, and someone who is ILLEGALLY residing in the USA?
  • That the ONLY reason to oppose abortion is because the person not-so secretly HATES women?
  • That SOME people have a right to a home they can't afford - at the expense of the rest of us?
Those are just some of the positions that seem to be implied by the messages of the Left.



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