It's STILL the Culture

And, to use the modern phrase, it sucks.

Too many kids are exposed to cultural influences that are far too adult and emotionally upsetting for their age.
children whose lives resemble the characters in a current young-adult novel probably need professional intervention more than they need a good book.
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I was reading Bastion of Liberty today, and his post caused me to think further about this.

Here is a Radical Idea:

I keep returning to the idea of Culture - not Fine Arts, but the overall Culture of the Average American - to be the next Big Push by those of us who plan to MAGA.

How about a push for the free networks - and the equivalent in the cable world - to return to the idea of Family-Friendly Only during the times when kids might reasonably be around - say, up until 9pm?

The paid cable stations can have whatever gross/salacious/vulgar/disturbing things they want to promote, as long as its access is limited to those patrons that PAY for it.

Same with the News - keep it clean, not gory, not dealing with scandals of the sexual kind. In other words, what would be been the norm when I was growing up.

This could be a win-win - the networks could offload all that vulgar crap to a PAID channel, which, presumably, people would gladly flock to see all that stuff.

Or, to their huge surprise, these Cultural Warriors would find out that the crap was only tolerated, not desired, and that their paid products - the sleaze, the sex, the half-naked women - all of that is not interesting enough to pay for it.


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