De-Bunking the Fear-Mongers

Trump's crackdown that stops automatic travel by non-US citizens from 7 countries has infuriated the Seriously Hurt and Unhinged Totally Useless Progressives (SHUT UP, for short).

The Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos - hey, Jeffy, why don't you stick to a business that you are actually GOOD at - Amazon?) is placing over-the-top personal stories on the front page that are intended to change Trump's mind - or, at least, to demonize him as heartless in the minds of the voting public.

Here is one - the tale of a rich man whose Iranian wife went to visit her parents, who were having trouble getting permission to visit her in the US.

Some questions NOT asked in the article:

  • This is being portrayed as a PERMANENT inability to see each other. Why wouldn't she eventually pass muster with the American authorities, and be able to return home?
  • What are her (and her parents) political affiliations? Are they Muslim Brotherhood, or other terrorist-linked groups?
  • Why didn't her parents qualify for the visa? Is there something Iran knows that apparently we don't that would make them a bad bet to give them permission to travel?
The next story, about an American contractor who was set to come to America with his family, is also filled with questions.
  • If, in fact, his story is true, he should be eligible to fly to America in a relatively short time. A delay is not that bad.
  • Is he, in fact, who he says he is? We've had a few impostors in the visa application process, some of whom were not caught before them managed to arrive in the US, then disappear. He should be able to supply details about his service that would establish his bona fides.
  • He comes from Irbil - a region where ISIS/ISIL was quite active. A good reason to check him out more thoroughly. Easier to keep someone out than to get rid of him after opening the door.
A woman was kept from visiting her mother, who was having surgery.
  • The woman was a Syrian, who had been living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for over 30 years. She is said to teach 1st grade.
  • A family member (Nour Alghnimi Ulayyet) has posted a picture (below). It refers to a day that the rebels chose as a "day of silence for Syria" - March 6, 2013. Apparently, she has some sympathy for the rebel faction.

A link to the Facebook page for that campaign.
On March 6, 2013, Syrian people worldwide will unite in their silence. On that day we will share one message of solidarity for Syria’s martyrs.

We ask for one day of silence to honor the thousand of civilians who were killed, their families broken, and their homes destroyed. We ask for one day of silence for the revolutionaries, the medical aid volunteers, the humanitarian workers, and the peaceful protesters who were targeted because of their unbreakable resolve. 

One day to remember Syria. Together. In silence.
It's pretty clear that the sympathies for at least SOME of the family members may be with the radical terrorists.



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