A Round-up of Various Thoughts

Marxism is not well understood. Part of the reason is that students and the general public are only exposed to the individual tenets of such Marxist philosophers such are Fanon, Gramsci, and other staunch Communists.

Here is a quick breakdown of how that influence is working to destroy our America.

Apparently, some organizers of the Milo upcoming event at UCLA-Berkeley have experienced doxxing (release of personal information - name, address, phone, workplace, etc. - designed to make it easy for the opposition to open up a $hit-$torm against their opponents). I commented, suggesting it was time for dox-in-response to that crappy tactic.

Repeat after me - your enemy is NOT Hitler. You will not go down in history as the Brave Opposition to the Nazis of Your Time.

You will go down as The Intolerant Nut Who Suppressed Those Who Disagreed With Him/Her/Zher.

WHY are the Leftists seemingly so Triumphant, since no sensible person you know agrees with their nutty thinking?

Was this the secret to Trump's success?



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