6 Days to Go!

The always bitter, mean-spirited Left is working furiously to gin up "protests" against Trump on Inauguration Day - next Friday, January 20th.

Activists are charging the government with restricting their Free Speech Rights.

Nope, honey. Haven't you ever heard of the concept of Security? Trumps - oops, there's that word! - your Constitutional Rights in the event of a credible threat. Which, there has been a plethora of.

As far as I can determine, this Mass Action is destined to be a Big Bust (kind of like those beauty pageant participants have). Too many venues, too few people in Washington - the coverage of the actual inauguration should overshadow the Bitter Soros Clingers.

Will Women make the difference? Not likely The unity they would need to succeed is unraveling, as we watch.

The number of bus permits has exceeded previous inaugural events, so the media is dutifully reporting that the protesters will outnumber the celebrants.

Eh. The cost of applying for, and getting, the permits is minimal. FILLING the seats in those buses might be hard. I just don't see it happening.

There are multiple days of protests planned, by different organizations. My guess is that the same core groups will attend ALL of them, supplemented by a small number of actual participants. Look for the media to number the protesters ADDITIVELY, as though the numbers each day composed entirely different participants.



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