Putin's Plan?

To control the USA through blackmail of Trump?


I don't see Trump buckling under pressure from the Kremlin.

The Democrats, on the other hand, already have:

  • FDR, and later, Truman, were influenced by the MANY infiltrators of the Federal government - Harry Hopkins, the commie-sympathizing curs of the CIA and State Department, et al.
  • Who's dumb enough to think Kennedy wasn't blackmailed? Come ON! The most blackmailable president of the 20th century? There was a reason that the president left the Cubans stranded on the beach of the Bay of Pigs - it enabled Castro to isolate them, torture them, and keep effective opposition down. Then, JFK paid off Castro to keep the secret and let him look good to the Cubans by giving him desperately-needed medicines to exchange for the remaining living prisoners.
  • Notice that the following president - Johnson - didn't go after Russia, and accepted the twisted logic of the Warren Commission to keep the Kremlin appeased?
  • Nixon - Literally, Tricky Dick - decided to do an end run around the Russians by recognizing Red China, their mortal enemy. Ever wonder why the pressure built after that to remove him before the end of his term? Russia was sending a message - don't screw with us.
  • Ford, Carter - they kept their heads down - until Carter decided to thumb his nose at Russia by the Olympics boycott. There was a reason that Anderson ran - and it was NOT to keep Reagan out of office. It was to totally sink Carter's chances of winning.
  • Reagan - assassination attempt. Same thing, and people, that managed the same against the Pope. Guess the Soviets didn't count on the old guys being so tough. Guess who was working in the KGB during that time? Putin.
  • Bush - both of them. Kept their mitts off Russia. I'd be willing to bet that the first Bush was mightily unhappy when the USSR crumbled under his watch. That was likely to be more inertial than planned by Bush.
  • By invading Afghanistan, Bush re-directed the wrath of the leadership from Russia to the USA. Nice trick.
  • Obama - if there is any president that furthered the aims of Communism than he did, I really DON'T want to know about it. The most anti-American 'leader' we've ever been saddled with. Can't wait until he leaves.
Which brings us to Trump.
Like any politician, he is not to be trusted. IF he acts in our interests, OK. If not, use our media - blogging and social media, including Gab (you do have an account, don't you?) to push him to heel.



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