WHY the Anti-Trump Message Does Not Appear to be Getting Through

It's because those spreading the message are operating under a misapprehension.

They are saying/writing:

  • He is a womanizing, serial abuser of innocent women's dignity
  • He says things that are over the top, and garbles the message, as well
  • He is a braggart, whose net worth is FAR less than he pretends
  • He is ignorant of foreign policy, law, and working with others
  • He has played nice with dictators, politicians, and other rich people
  • He doesn't care about the common man/woman/child
What the Anti-Trump Brigades doesn't get:
  • We don't care
  • We EXPECT those running for office to lie
  • We don't need our politicians to pretend to give a d@mn about us - we KNOW they don't
  • We are HIGHLY suspicious of sexual harassment claims - the Leftists have been The Boy Who Cried Wolf once too often
  • We don't care whether his wealth is true, or exaggerated - we care a LOT more about our own money
  • The so-called "experts" in foreign policy don't impress us - we've seen them screw up, get people killed, and then pretend that they MEANT for that to happen/it didn't happen/it happened, but it was the fault of someone else
That's just a small part of what the thinking is.  In short, it's the Revolt of the Average Man (copyright pending).



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