Watergate Redux: What Did the President Know, and When Did He Know It?

Yes, for us old fogies, that headline should ring a memory bell.  Yes, it is, indeed, pertinent to the email scandal.  In a just world, the President and HRC should have to face the music about their actions - a particularly apt ending for a woman who worked on the Watergate Committee, until she was fired/let go (stories are conflicting) for violations of the code of lawyers ethics.

It doesn't appear that she has changed her underlying modus operandi.

But, it is likely she will NOT be prosecuted, even in the unlikely case of a Trump victory.  Americans are big on forgiveness, and - after their political enemies are defeated at the polls - generally drop further action against them.

If she does get elected?  Aside from trashing the Constitution, adding a load of debt to the Federal obligations, giving away tax breaks and other financial gifts to her corporate sponsors, forcing her enemies to lick dirt - all for the dubious privilege of allowing them to remain out of jail, broke and disgraced, and putting an admitted sexual abuser into a position (FLOTUS) that allows him free reign to harass, she will have the power to resist facing the consequences of her actions with her server.

Welcome to the Corporate States of America!



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