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...then, I realized that I hadn't said all that I had in me, so, here's my thinking:

    • WHY should we all be yelling? Loud and clear - also, sending message, telephone call, and, yes, PAPER mail (The more work it is for us, the more likely our representatives/Senators are to take notice of our displeasure) to Congress/Senate.From Facebook.

    • Because

    • "The cynical and dystopian view?

    • One of the unavoidable dominoes will be broad censorship. Once the deprioritization of broadcast packets leads to the epic traffic jam that will reduce the Web’s US speeds to worse than those found in Europe, the government of the day will, once again, have to “save us” from this “unforseen” outcome and their clever plan will include limiting who can “legitimately” have bandwidth preferences, since clearly “legitimate” news outlets need to bypass the buffering jams that will afflict TV signaling and once dot-gov starts adjudicating who’s a “real” news or other “essential” service, licensing will naturally follow, and then “standards” of what is “acceptable” traffic.

    • At which point, whichever political party is in power at that time will have the distinct advantage of licensing whomever they deem to be more politically correct in their eyes. “Neutrality” on the ‘Net? Yeah, not so much."

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    • http://noisyroom.net/…/net-neutrality-young-fool-only-now-…/

  • As usual, Breitbart is at the front of this,

The scariest part?
Obama has nationalized the banks, student loans, housing, healthcare and now the Internet. Americans walk around fancying that they live in a Republic that is no more. Marxism rules the red, white and blue now.

It's time for me to order this:

Ham Radio - A Survival Skill


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Originally Posted on Facebook, but… « Right As Usual
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Originally Posted on Facebook, but… « Right As Usual

Originally Posted on Facebook, but… « Right As Usual

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