A Change for the Better

One legislative change that I'd like to see pushed through Congress - SOON - is to retirement benefits for Federal employees who violate the law.

They should lose ALL pension and insurance rights forever.

The money they contributed should be returned to them, with nominal interest, in full.  The Federal portion should be untouchable by them or their beneficiaries.

As for their insurance benefits, those not paid in full (i.e., life insurance), would be dropped.  They would be eligible to buy COBRA coverage, at prevailing rates, and, after that point, be eligible for any health benefits that any member of the public would receive - and pay for.

If this is done, administrators like Lois Lerner would hesitate to implement illegal and/or politically motivated cover-up schemes, for fear of screwing themselves out of their cushy retirement/benefits package.

Those fired for cause would have their pensions reduced by 1/3.  Those refusing to testify, or found to have withheld evidence to Congressional committees, would have their pension accounts frozen until they complied.  If not yet retired, the account would cease to accrue its benefit, and NOT add any increases, until they caved on their refusal.

Such changes would clearly convey the power of the purse, which is Congress's.


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