Welcome to the Re-Boot!

I'm off work, due to snow (it's a laughable amount to a Yankee transplant, but it causes serious problems for a part of the country that doesn't have the materials, equipment, or expertise to deal with it).


I've decided to get back in the saddle, and add my voice to those that are passionate about changing our country BACK to:

  • Less government - not just BETTER government, but LESS

  • Better schools - I'm strongly of the belief that Conservatives need to start writing alternative curriculum, with the state standards in mind (although they need to get embedded in the State Boards of Education, to be able to influence the standards, as well).

  • TRUE civility in public life - which ALSO includes the freedom to get into the dirt, if attacked by a pig.  No holding to a higher standard Conservatives, while allowing Leftists to go for the gonads.

  • Creation/Expansion of HONEST media.  There needs to be Conservative channels on TV/Cable, as well as Conservative Packages.  Families shouldn't be forced to allow Leftist propaganda into their homes, nor near-porn.  Blocking shouldn't be necessary.

  • Fewer, and Lower, taxes.  Less regulation by bureaucrats.  An end to the Imperial Presidency, including trimming the budget.  That would also include a provision that ANY and ALL trips not taken for official business be billed to the President at Air Force 1 rates/military jet rates.  Those official visits may NOT be combined with private business. Exceptions ONLY for immediate family emergencies/funerals.

  • For Heaven's sake, it would be cheaper, and possibly safer, to buy all of a small commercial aircraft's seating, and bump passengers!  The movie Air Force 1 was only a movie (although, quite entertaining).

  • Change the tax structure.  Change to a flat tax rate, and eliminate the hidden/add-on taxes.  EVERYBODY pays - even those on welfare or unemployment, or on Social Security.  If they ALL suffer when a new tax is brought in, they'll stop voting for them.  Same with Social Security - EVERYBODY pays in, and NO MORE government pensions.  You want to build your retirement, do it at YOUR expense.

  • Health Care - EVERYBODY pays a co-pay, even the Medicaid patients.  It doesn't have to be that much ($1-$10), but everybody has to have some skin in the game.  If you are from another country, your country WILL be billed, if you are indigent.  If they refuse to pay, bye-bye.  We don't need more free-loaders - we have enough of them, home-grown.

I'm also going to continue beefing up the part of the site dedicated to Conservative Self-Education, and include links to books (both free, and those that can be gotten on Amazon and elsewhere).


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