Just About Caught Up on the Internet!

I, like so many in the South, have been largely snow-bound for days.  Without the many snowplows,, de-icing substances, and, even, snow shovels (I had to explain what they were to my students on Tuesday - they'd literally never seen one), it's taken quite a while to begin clearing up the mess that the recent snowstorm dumped on us.  Power is out in many places (not our area, thank God - although we DO have a gas-powered generator - AND plenty of gas).  Crews are working non-stop to restore it - if you see a crew in your area, bring them out hot coffee and cocoa, would you?

I've had plenty of time to catch up on current news, political issues, and various sundry pursuits.  I'm totally caught up on sleep.  I would have done more housework, but I burnt my hand rather badly, trying to make a white sauce.  There is schoolwork, grading and planning, but I just don't feel like it yet.

So, I'll be blogging today.  I have some ideas that I'd like to flesh out, some issues that I'd like to more fully explore, and some long-suppressed rants to write down.

I'll also be adding some links to Amazon - if you're thinking about ordering something, would you access the site through me?  It helps cover the cost of this website.  I'll put some of my favorite books, with links, on the side.

Check back during the day.


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