WHY the Comprehensive Immigration Bill is a BAD Idea

It's going to hurt the poorer Americans - those that are CITIZENS, who live here LEGALLY.


Some of them are White Americans.  MANY of them are Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Who-Knows Americans.


So, why are you against Black People?  Who, BTW, currently have an unemployment rate of more than 40%.


Here's a brief look at the numbers behind the bill, and how those numbers are being manipulated by special interests and advocates to make it LOOK as though this bill will be good for poor people.


Take note of those numbers, and get clear the difference between an overall rise in the wealth of the nation, and a PER CAPITA rise.  Use this as part of your Conservative Self-Education.  Focus on the impact that this bill has on minorities, and, remember, ONE factoid at a time.


That's how we will wear down resistance to reality - one slowly dripping fact at a time.


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