Who Will Harvest the Food?

The LA Times has a story about a Georgia farm that is short of workers.  The labor contractor, a Latino, scours his usual lists, coming up about 100 workers short, and forcing the farm to leave some of the rapidly-ripening blackberries in the field to rot.

It's quite an emotional plea to let these "undocumented" workers just do this one job.  It stands as an indictment of the new Georgia law (that supports E-Verify).  In other words, let the farms hire the illegals, or risk starving for lack of pickers.

Oh Bull-Droppings!

In the story, the labor contractor spends his time trying to find Latino workers, who HAVEN'T the right to work.  Why doesn't the farmer hire an non-Latino to find Americans who are jobless.  The story mentions the back-breaking 10 hour day.  Well, if he shortened the day to a more normal 8 hour day, he could find workers.  Better have workers for 8 hours, than no workers for 10.

In the story, when Don Pedro runs into White people, he asks them about former Latino residents, who might work for him.  Why doesn't he ask, "do you know anyone who needs a job?" of the White people.  I would be quite surprised if they didn't have personal knowledge of someone who is unemployed.  Similarly, the farmer should look to contractors that have ties to the Black communities - there is an astronomical unemployment rate in the Black population, particularly in young men.



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