It's Written in Black & White

Today's National Review post by Seth Forman is an eye-opener.

After an historic election result that occurred, in part, due to the desire of White voters to put race behind them, the nation is more racially divided than ever.
even though the 2010 census reveals that residential segregation for blacks is at its lowest level ever (the average black lives in a community that is 54 percent nonblack), blacks remain the most politically segregated group. There is indeed no greater predictor of voting patterns than being black — not income, not education level, not marriage status, not age, not religious affiliation, not party affiliation, not profession. Once the voter is known to be black, it can be estimated with roughly 90 percent confidence that he will pull the lever for a Democrat.
This is behavior that the Democratic Party takes for granted.  This is behavior that the Democratic Party exploits.  Knowing that the Dems can count on the Black vote, they push legislation and regulations that are antithetical to their interests.  Examples of such legislation are the DREAM Act, Amnesty, and the requirements that mortgage lenders make a certain percentage of loans to minorities, regardless of ability to pay for that loan (which hit them hard when the housing slump wiped out what little equity they had).



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