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If you go to this link, you'll find one of my favorites, on the ridiculousness of America's wanting to be an Imperial Power.
how the hell did we end up with our fingers in every bowl of soup from Bahrain to Brazil? It's because we're not content to sit around on our behinds while the entire planet collapses without us. If we actually did kick back in our hammocks for a ten-year rest, the Middle East would explode, Taiwan would get swallowed by China and France and Germany would probably be at each other's throats again. Hell, if we took twenty years off it wouldn't surprise me to look at a map and see nothing but a giant swath of China red covering all of Europe, skulls & crossbones covering all of Africa, and nothing but a green patch with the words "Forbidden Zone" where the Middle East used to be. We're the only thing keeping the planet from reverting back to an early 1800's style plunder, war, and rampage philosophy.
If you want to put it in perspective, it's like we're the guy who ended up being the designated driver for the planet. Sure, we'd love to sit back and drink ourselves into a stupor with the rest of the globe but we're responsible for getting as many people home safe and sound as possible. 
Yeah, that's what I think.  If those other nations would, finally, stop trying to commit genocide on their neighbors/ancestral enemies (come on, watch Dr. Phil, and learn how to let go of that grudge), we'd be more than happy never to send another soldier to risk his precious life.

His post on how to decide whether a conspiracy is worth looking into, and which ones are solely for the whack-jobs.

The post that Liberals will HATE - his slant on why Liberals think like they do.
Since liberals tend to support or oppose policies based on how those policies make them feel about themselves, they do very little intellectual examination of whether the policies they advocate work or not. That's because it doesn't matter to them whether the policy is effective or not; it matters whether advocating the policy makes them feel "good" or "bad," "compassionate" or "stingy," "nice" or "mean."
Because of this, liberalism has more in common with religion than it does with other political ideologies like conservatism or libertarianism. Moreover, liberal beliefs are more like religious doctrine than any sort of battle-tested policies that bear up under logic or examination. Although the interpretation of the doctrine that the Left supports may change a bit over time, just as religious doctrine does, it's essentially taken on faith, like scripture.
A surprisingly balanced take on Amway from someone who tried it, and left.  Full disclosure: I've been an Amway distributor for years, and have made money doing it.  I'm not as active at present, due to an insane commute and family illnesses.  I plan to crank up the business as I head toward retirement.

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