Which is Worse - 1930s Germany, or 2010 Europe?

I'm getting discouraged about the future of Jews in this world.  1/2 the people who hate them, hate them for being Jewish.  The other 1/2, hate them for being "Zionist".

Think I'm kidding about that title?  Watch the videos at the link - IF you have the stomach.

I've heard so many lies about Israel in the last few years.

Some of those lies circulate on the Internet.  Some are passed on by leftists eager to indoctrinate the young - often in schools.  Sadly, many of those lies are passed on by the mainstream media - who unquestioningly "report" what they receive from the foreign service bureaus.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has a brochure you can download.

Please, before you pass on more lies, at least make an attempt to find out the truth.



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