Those Were The Days

Bob Greene writes about a long-ago time, when sports figures would play their entire (or most) of their career in one town, with one team.

I'm from Cleveland, and I know what he means.  It took the heart out of the great Cleveland Indians team when Jim Thome left.  That team, with players that eerily seemed to echo those of the film Major League, was magic in a way that could not be re-captured.

Lebron's leaving caused the same kind of wrench.  Cleveland took it personally; he wasn't just changing teams, he was divorcing his high-school sweetheart.

I think he made a major mistake.  Money, after a certain level, is just paper.  But, Cleveland is the kind of town that sticks with its sports heroes, even after they no longer have the ability to be in the game.  There's money in the Cleveland area for formers, long after.

And, there's love.  Which is what we feel for our guys who've made our days so full of pride.



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