But, But, But....I Thought This Was Not Possible

Death Panels.  Yeah.  Just like Sarah Palin said - they WILL be part of Obamacare.

No, they won't be called Death Panels.  But, they will be the same thing.  Some bureaucrat deciding whether or not (my guess is, mostly not) you will be allowed to have the treatment or surgery you need to survive.

Who will suffer?

  • The elderly - hey, Granny, you've lived long enough
  • The senile - the quality of their life will not be high enough to entitle them to care
  • The medically handicapped - many people already consider them better off if terminated before birth
  • The poor - they have to take what they can get
  • The unfavored - who don't vote correctly, or have connections

I just don't think the Death Panels will turn down our new elite, no matter what.



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